Moving to Mauritius: Exploring International Schools

Mauritius has a variety of international schools that provide a global curriculum in a multicultural setting. This guide gives an overview of these international schools in Mauritius.

Mauritius Work Permit: A Guide

Obtaining a Mauritius work permit has become increasingly pertinent in recent times. With a notable increase in companies actively scouting talent from various corners of the globe, the processes of obtaining a Mauritius Work Permit have never been more relevant.

Permanent Residence Permit Mauritius

The Mauritius Permanent Residence Permit is a 20-year residency permit that allows foreigners to establish long-term residency in the country. There are 3 ways to obtain Mauritius Permanent Residence.

Moving to Mauritius from South Africa: Mauritius Immigration

Before you begin moving to Mauritius from South Africa, it is important to familiarise yourself with the immigration requirements and procedures. Here’s what you need to consider before moving to Mauritius.

Mauritius Budget 2023/2024 for Foreigners

The latest Budget Measures were announced and there have been lots of positive changes. More specifically, if you’re interested in buying property in Mauritius as a foreigner in 2023, the latest budget measures have some beneficial changes and updates.

Getting Citizenship in Mauritius and Global Citizenship

Citizenship by investment programs have emerged as a popular way to obtain a second or even third passport, offering investors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to secure their financial futures while also gaining access to a world of new opportunities.

Home Loans For Foreigners In Mauritius

One of the major challenges that foreigners face when buying a home in Mauritius is obtaining a home loan. In this article, we will provide useful information on obtaining a home loan as a foreigner in Mauritius, including the requirements, process and benefits.

North vs West of Mauritius: Where To Live In Mauritius

Mauritius is known for its stunning beaches, lush green mountains and diverse culture. It is divided into several regions, each with its own unique characteristics. This article compares living in the North vs West of Mauritius.

A Dream Retirement: Why and How to Retire in Mauritius

From stunning beaches to healthcare, this blog article explores the benefits of retiring in Mauritius, an island nation off the African coast. The article also highlights why you should retire and how you can retire in Mauritius.

A Complete Guide to Obtaining a Mauritius Visa for Indians

This blog article is a complete guide to obtaining a Mauritius visa for Indians. It discusses the different types of visas for Indians, the eligibility criteria, the documents needed to apply, and the process of getting the visa.

New 2023 Rules for a Foreigner Buying a House for Sale in Mauritius.

The Immigration Act 2022 amended the Non-Citizen (Property Restriction) Act and brought in some key changes in relation to foreigners buying property in Mauritius. Now that the bill is law, we look at some of the most relevant changes for non-citizens buying property in Mauritius. Foreigners have always been able to buy a commercial building … Continue reading New 2023 Rules for a Foreigner Buying a House for Sale in Mauritius.

Mauritius Budget 2022/23 – Real Estate for Foreigners

We provide our summary of the Mauritius budget 2022/23 below. Bear in mind that some of the measures in the budget will not necessarily come into force. That is because they will be debated in Parliament, and some will be amended/ delayed/ omitted before being promulgated into law. The Mauritius Budget 2022/23 is always expertly … Continue reading Mauritius Budget 2022/23 – Real Estate for Foreigners

Invest in Mauritius from USD 375,000 for permanent residence

There are many ways to invest in Mauritius. It is an open economy for foreign investment. Due to the success of the offshore sector in Mauritius, there are very large sums of money flowing through Mauritius to Africa and beyond and some of it ends up invested directly in Mauritius. Why invest in Mauritius? Investing … Continue reading Invest in Mauritius from USD 375,000 for permanent residence

Mauritius Budget 2021 changes for expats relocating to, and investing in Mauritius

There have been a number of measures announced in the latest budget on 11 June 2021. Not all of the measures make it into law in the precise way they are drafted in the bill, or at all. The obvious example from last year is spouses being able to work which was announced in last year’s budget and was never enacted into law.

2021 – A seismic shift in the Mauritius tax landscape

Today we have a fascinating article from Caoilfhionn van der Walt from our African tax partner Regan van Rooy (RvR) about the impending cessation of the grandfathering provisions for GBC 1s and 2s. The article covers the changes, the options and how to move forward. There are thousands of Mauritian offshore companies that need to…

Mauritius and COVID-19

We are frequently asked by our clients around the world as to the situation in Mauritius. We go through succinctly below the restrictions that there are in place, how COVID has affected business in Mauritius, and where the opportunities in Mauritius currently are. Unfortunately Mauritius has just entered a 2 week lockdown as of 10.03.21 with several cases on the island.

The New Premium Travel Visa in Mauritius

With no more than a handful of organic COVID cases over the last 7 months, Mauritius has faced the difficult decision as to how to open up the borders, whilst keeping the country safe. It has maintained its cautious approach and promoted an interesting option for those remote-working individuals or retirees that just want a year (renewable) in a country where there is no…

Good news for Expats in Mauritius

The Mauritius Budget 2020 has arrived and the good news for expats is that it is going to be much easier to move to Mauritius, to live and work here, and to stay here for longer. There is a potentially large pothole in the road if the Solidarity Levy is applicable to non-Mauritian residents but at face value it is not for now. The first thing that must be borne in mind is that some measures announced in Mauritian…

Manufacturing in Mauritius and the incentives to export and trade from Mauritius

Mauritius is an established manufacturing hub, nestled conveniently on the trade route between Europe, Asia and Africa. The two main products dominating this industry in Mauritius over the last few decades were textiles and sugar. In recent years the offering has become more diversified and a multitude of…

Bank Accounts in Mauritius

It looks like COVID-19 did not disrupt the banking, financial and offshore sectors in Mauritius too much. Although the virus spread has was contained in Mauritius, the economic ramifications of the global shutdown are not to be underestimated. Our aim with this article is to say what can be set-up remotely during the lockdown, what options there are in terms of Mauritius bank accounts and…

Our simple Guide to Residency and Permits in Mauritius

Mauritius has a very diverse ecosystem and is proving a very popular place to relocate to and retire. It is still considered by some across the globe as a honeymoon destination. However, a substantial financial services industry with a focus on FinTech, and bustling real estate opportunities means that there are many business and investment opportunities…

Formation of Offshore Companies in Mauritius

We have attempted to provide some information on what options people have for company formation and registering businesses in Mauritius, including both offshore companies and domestic companies. We try and go through a few of the benefits of the jurisdiction, the different options there are, and points to consider along the way. This is neither…

Beware of the South African expat tax!

SA expats will need to make some decisions on their financial future as a tax of up to 45% looms on the horizon through a change in the law. As the founders at TBI are from the UK and based in Mauritius, many of our friends and clients are from SA and have been looking for guidance.