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Best Luxury Villas in Mauritius in 2024

With the increase in luxury property developments in 2024, Mauritius is seeing a rise in foreigners looking to buy property. More and more families, retirees and investors are relocating to Mauritius for its luxury real estate. From luxury villas to villas with a private pool, Mauritius has a variety of properties. Additionally, with the option of getting permanent residency through property investment, the appeal of the real estate market has soared. We have gathered below, some information on the best luxury villas in Mauritius. To know more about the latest property rules, click here.

Here, at TBI Mauritius, we assist foreigners in finding their ideal home or property to invest in. If you are looking for a permanent home to move to and live in, we can connect you with reliable agents. Alternatively, if you wish to invest in a property to rent out, we can connect you with companies to help manage and look after your property. We also assist with buying property through a company. Our real estate services extend to applying for home loans, gathering the right paperwork and getting permission from the EDB. Read more on Mauritius Real Estate here.

Luxury villas in the North of Mauritius

luxury villas in mauritius for saleNestled along the north coast, this luxury real estate in Mauritius offers a range of villas and apartments within a secure gated community. The property emphasizes eco-consciousness, with a significant portion dedicated to green living. Ingenious features include luxury villas around a 2-kilometer navigable channel for kayaking. Security is their top priority, with 24/7 monitoring and strong warranties. Additionally, residents enjoy privileged access to a beach club. As part of the Mauritius property investment scheme, it presents potential for permanent residency with investments over USD 375,000.

The property range spans from private 1-bedroom apartments, priced at approximately MUR 12 million, to luxury villas, featuring private cinema, terraces, and spa-inspired baths, priced from MUR 230 million. Certain villas, offer ground floor residences ideal for retirees, with an emergency button providing access to a medical doctor’s consulting room. Another collection, featuring 3-bedrooms Mauritius villas with private pools start from MUR 47 million.

Private and Luxury Villas in the East 

hotel with private villa in mauritius

Designed to blend with the natural beauty of the surroundings, this luxury real estate in Mauritius in Mauritius offers captivating sea views. Residents enjoy exclusive access to amenities such as a championship golf course, a luxurious spa, diverse dining options, and a yacht club for water adventures. Additionally, personalised coaching for swimming, tennis, and yoga is available.

Accommodation options various suites and private villas, each distinguished by its unique features. Certain villas provide the choice of a golf view or a sea view. Property ownership starts at €1.4 million for a 2-bedroom unit and extends beyond €10 million for beachfront villas. Under the Integrated Resort Scheme, permanent residency can be attained with a property investment starting from USD 375,000, an attractive option for foreigners looking to live permanently in Mauritius. The larger estate features two 5-star hotels in Mauritius within a short walk. They are some of the best hotels with beautiful private villas in Mauritius.

Mauritius Villas with Private Pools in the North-east

Inspired by green living, this luxury real estate in Mauritius offers a range of villas, apartments and townhouses, designed to reduce environmental impact. The luxury villas with private pools boast golf views, a/c in the bedrooms, outdoor terrace, private parking, and a landscaped garden.  Residents also benefit from cycling paths, electric vehicle charging stations, and access to organic markets and locally sourced produce. Prices start at around Rs 12.5 million and villas ranging from Rs 30 million to Rs 50 million. The development is part of an approved property scheme, granting permanent residency with property investment over USD 375,000.

You can choose between a 3-bedroom or 4-bedroom Mauritius luxury villa. For those seeking a community vibe, their 3-bedroom townhouses provide an authentic neighbourhood living experience with several amenities. These townhouses are within a village center with restaurants, shops, and cafes, along with a spa and gym. Residents also have access to a nine-hole golf course, a Montessori school, and a kids’ playground. This makes it one of the best luxury villas in Mauritius for families.

Ultimately, the choice between these luxury real estate in Mauritius will depend on your priorities and budget. Whether you seek luxury villas, villas with a private pool, or family-friendly villas, Mauritius offers a dream home for everyone. We, at TBI Mauritius have been helping foreigners relocate to Mauritius, for over 10 years. We assist with permits, pet relocation, company set-up, property investment, concierge, and other services. With our extensive network of partners and service providers, we are able to find any relevant solution or service for our clients. Click here to read more about us.

Important Note: The descriptions provided in this article are based on our research and are listed in no particular order. Please note that the descriptions are intentionally devoid of the property names, to prioritise impartiality and objectivity, aiming to offer you unbiased insights.


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