New 2022 Rules for Buying a House in Mauritius.

New 2022 Rules for a Foreigner Buying a House for Sale in Mauritius.

The Immigration Act 2022 amended the Non-Citizen (Property Restriction) Act and brought in some key changes in relation to foreigners buying property in Mauritius. Now that the bill is law, we look at some of the most relevant changes for non-citizens buying property in Mauritius. Foreigners have always been able to buy a commercial building with permission, but now they can buy a residential house outside the PDS, Smart City, IRS and RES schemes.

UPDATE MAY 2023 – As of today, it remains that the new laws generally allowing purchasing of real estate outside the schemes have not been brought into practice yet . It remains possible for foreigners to buy high-value properties outside the schemes. Where the clients are investing heavily into Mauritius in general, they can speak to the authorities on an ad-hoc basis to get permission. Our view, however, is that these new blanket rules will unlikely come into force. We have left the article in it’s original form below.

Who can buy a property in Mauritius outside the current schemes?

Any foreigner can buy a property in Mauritius but historically this was only in certain approved developments such as a PDS or a Smart City. The new rules allow a non-citizen who is resident in Mauritius according to the Immigration Act 2022 to buy a property in Mauritius outside the current schemes. Foreigners are understandably excited about the prospect of buying a modern house, and finding that the house on sale is free-standing and independent.

Who is resident in Mauritius?

Any foreigner that has been issued with a permit under any of the following options:

  • a temporary residence permit;
  • a residence permit;
  • a permanent residence permit;
  • an occupation permit;
  • a short-term occupation permit; or
  • a family occupation permit.

Foreigner buying an apartment in Mauritiuscan a foreigner buy an apartment in mauritius?

A foreigner has been able to buy an apartment in Mauritius for many years. To buy an apartment in Mauritius, the apartment block must be at least 3 floors, i.e. Ground plus 2 floors. The minimum price for entry to buy is MUR 6 million. Over the last two years, if a foreigner buys an apartment in Mauritius at a price of USD 375,000 or more, they will receive permanent residence.

Foreigner buying a villa in MauritiusCan a Foreigner buy a villa in Mauritius?

Foreigners have been able to buy a villa in Mauritius in certain schemes such as the PDS or Smart Cities for many years. The new rules enable a foreigner to buy a villa in Mauritius outside these. A foreigner cannot buy a villa on the beach unless special dispensation has been given. One can buy a villa in Mauritius as a “standalone residential property constructed on an extent of land not exceeding 0.5276 hectare (1.25 arpent)” according to the latest rules.

Foreigner buying land for sale in MauritiusCan a Foreigner buy land for sale in Mauritius?

A foreigner can buy land for sale in Mauritius. They were permitted to buy serviced land for sale and land in a smart city in certain circumstances. A foreigner can now buy land for sale in Mauritius as per the latest rules, “bareland or serviced land not exceeding 0.5276 hectare (1.25 arpent)’

What are the conditions for a foreigner to buy a house for sale in Mauritius outside the current schemes?

For a foreigner to buy a house for sale in Mauritius outside the current schemes, they must have a residence permit and the property must be worth at least USD 350,000. You will need approval from the Prime Minister’s Office to buy the property. It is worth nothing that to buy a house for sale in Mauritius outside the current schemes, there will be a 10% Government fee to the Solidarity Fund. This is in addition to the 5% land transfer tax/ Registration Duty on any property sale, and any Agent and Notary fees.

Can more than one investor get permanent residence from buying Mauritius Property for Sale?

Yes, the concept of fractured ownership from more than one investor buying Mauritius property for sale become law in 2022. The rule is for when for example a husband and wife, or two business partners want to buy a Mauritius property for sale together. If they both invest at least USD 375,000 each into the Mauritius property for sale, then they both independently receive permanent residence. This is a very welcome change to encourage foreigners to invest in houses, apartments, and villas in Mauritius.

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