Residency by Investment

There are three ways to obtain residence by investment: a property investment of at least USD 375,000, business investment of USD 50,000 or investment of USD 375,000 in a business activity. Here, at TBI Mauritius, we can help you with every aspect of obtaining Mauritius residence. Run by British lawyers, TBI Mauritius is an immigration expert and relocation advisor in Mauritius. With years of experience in the relocation industry, we specialise in relocation services, helping foreigners move to Mauritius and settle here. We can help you identify investment opportunities, connect you with the relevant authorities and guide you through the regulatory process. We can also connect you with experienced and reliable agents and developers in Mauritius. Read more on investing in real estate in Mauritius here.

mauritius property investmentResidence By Property Investment

To get residence by investment foreigners can buy a property of at least USD 375,000 in an approved scheme. Buying a property as a foreigner also makes you eligible for a residence permit. Notably, this form of property investment is a gateway to permanent residence in Mauritius; you can live in Mauritius as long as you own the property. Getting residence through property investment eventually allows you to work in Mauritius without a separate Mauritius occupation permit. This makes it a great option for individuals and families who are looking to live and work in Mauritius. Foreigners can also buy property in Mauritius together, with each investor investing at least USD 375,000. This policy, called fractional ownership, can be beneficial to couples and business partners. All investors who meet the minimum investment requirement will be eligible for permanent residency in Mauritius. More on rules for buying property in Mauritius here.

Residency Through Business Investment

Foreigners can obtain residency by investing USD 50,000 in a business. To obtain residency by business investment, foreigners can choose to set up their own company or invest in an existing business. Investing USD 50,000 in a business, whether new or existing, will then grant the foreigner an Investor Permit of 10 years. One can apply for a 20-year Permanent Residence Permit, after meeting certain conditions. The conditions for applying for a Permanent Residence Permit are: hold the Investor Permit for at least 3 years, immediately preceding the date of application, and have either a minimum annual gross income of at least MUR 15 million for 3 years or an aggregate turnover of MUR 45 million for any consecutive period of 3 years during the current permit. To read more about the Investor Permit, go to this page.

Investment in a Qualifying Business Activity

To qualify for residence by investment, invest at least USD 375,000 in a qualifying business activity in Mauritius. These business activities include but are not limited to: agro-based industry, audio-visual, cinema and communication, banking, construction, education, environment-friendly and green energy products, financial services, fisheries and marine resources, freeport, information technology, insurance, manufacturing, tourism and warehousing. Obtaining residence through a business investment will then grant the foreigner a 20-year residence permit.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much to invest in Mauritius to get residency?

There are two main ways to obtain residency in Mauritius through investment:

Real estate investment: Invest at least $375,000 in a designated real estate project.
Business investment: Invest $375,000 in a qualifying business activity.

How can I get permanent residency in Mauritius?

To get permanent residency in Mauritius, you will need to invest at least $375, 000 in a property. This will allow you to live in Mauritius as long as you own the property.

How much does it cost to buy citizenship in Mauritius?

In theory, to buy citizenship in Mauritius, you must invest at least $500,000 in Mauritius and have lived in the country for at least two years before applying. However, it is important to note that this process may involve significant hurdles and is very unlikely.

What is the latest investment citizenship program in Mauritius?

The Mauritius residency by investment program includes 2 main ways: residency by property investment and residency by business investment. Foreigners can gain residency in Mauritius by investing $375,000 in either a property or in a qualifying business activity.

What TBI Business Advisors can do for you:
  • Help you to find and purchase the right property or business. We have a network of trusted real estate agents and business brokers who can help you to find the perfect investment opportunity.

  • Provide expert advice about Mauritius residency. We can explain the requirements for Mauritius residency and help you to determine if you are eligible. We can also advise you on the best investment strategy for your individual needs and goals.

  • Assist you with the application process. We will help you to gather all the required documents and complete your application correctly. We will also represent you in front of the government officials during the application process.
  • Provide ongoing support after you receive your residence permit. We can help you to relocate to Mauritius and settle into your new home. We can also provide you with advice on Mauritius tax law, business regulations, and other important matters.

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