Certify Documents and Commissioner for Oaths in Mauritius

Mauritius is a well-established country with a fast-growing economy and investor-friendly legislation.

The pool of opportunities available for various businesses in Mauritius is significant and the stable and diverse economy makes this state highly popular for business professionals. Setting up your new business involves a comprehensive procedure and you will need to get all the documentation involved verified from a Commissioner for Oaths in Mauritius.

This is done to ensure that all documents are valid and original. TBI Mauritius offers you with a variety of business consultancy services and advisors in addition to providing services for Commissioner for an Oath for important legal and business-related document attestation.

Setting up a business in Mauritius is highly recommended as it offers you many advantages:

  • A stable economic and political infrastructure
  • An independent judiciary system
  • A favorable time zone for off-shore business activities
  • High bandwidth connectivity making the internet and telecommunications services reliable and fast
  • Availability of a large pool of bilingual professionals
  • Significant  tax incentives
  • Beautiful beaches and scenic views
  • A strong infrastructure for business process outsourcing and investment
  • Investor friendly environment
  • Robustly emerging IT and communications sectors
  • Development of Cyber City

Responsibilities of Commissioner for Oaths in Mauritius

The documentation required during all the procedures while setting up your own business such as acquiring workspace, registration, legal processes, etc. need to be verified by a Commissioner for Oath so that the credibility of these documents can be assured.

The duties of a Commissioner for Oaths in Mauritius include the following:

  • They make sure that the documentary evidence such as affidavit etc. is provided in written form.
  • It is also their job to verify that the parties involved in signing these documents have thoroughly read all the contents and they understand each point completely.
  • The stakeholders must swear in front of the commissioner of the oath that all the documents and content of the affidavit are stated truthfully and there is no fabricated information.
  • The Commissioner for an Oath in Maturities will also ask for your identity card and other similar evidence to verify the basic information you provided on the business documents. Other documents required by these commissioners might include your passport, residency permit, driving license, etc.

Certifying documents in Mauritius

We can certify documents quickly and efficiently, normally within 24 hours, in the North of Mauritius. From our office in Grand Baie we can certify your documents, scan and email anything you need so that you can proceed further with setting up your new business venture or other business activities in Mauritius or further afield. Why Choose TBI Mauritius? We can provide the certification of the documents quickly and efficiently without you having to leave Grand Baie and the North. Many lawyers are in Port Louis so avoiding the trip is a big advantage. Our fees are reasonable at MUR 2,500 plus VAT per certification and MUR 5,000 plus VAT if you need a commissioner of oaths.

Our highly professional team of advisors and consultants ensure that you are aware of the charges in advance. TBI Mauritius provides you with a proper channel to acquire any kind of business-related advice or assistance you require while setting up your business.

Our team is highly professional and responsive to clients and guides them throughout the process without any delay or inconvenience. We have a team of  Commissioner of Oaths who are available for assistance all the time and help you carry out your investments and business-related activities in a smooth and seamless manner.

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