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TBI Mauritius is a relocation and consulting firm, run by British lawyers, specialising in assisting foreigners moving to Mauritius and/or using Mauritius for investment, fiscal or business purposes.

Relocation Advisors in Mauritius – We are immigration experts in Mauritius, with a firm grasp of the immigration rules in Mauritius, and we can advise you are to what makes sense for you, your family and your business. For those seeking Mauritius residency, there are lots of options including retirement visas, nomad visas, occupation permits and work permits for all of those moving to Mauritius.

Buying Property in Mauritius  – For those looking to find property for sale in Mauritius, speak to us about the latest rules that operate outside the usual property investment schemes such as the PDS, IRS, RES and Smart City Scheme. One must learn the key principles before looking at what makes sense, which include the VEFA off-plan system, GFA guarantees and how your investment in real estate must be looked at in conjunction with Mauritius residency, your business and taxes.

Register company in Mauritius – We at TBI help those looking to register a company in Mauritius, whether a GBC, AC or domestic company. There are numerous providers and we assist with safely and objectively finding the best ways for you to operate your business in or through Mauritius. With numerous tax incentives, a steady banking system and very respected Ease of Doing Business, please send us an email or give us a call and see what we can do to assist you.

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Find out more about our new Relocating to Mauritius E-Guide

This is a comprehensive 100 page E-Guide created for anyone considering relocating to Mauritius. There are no adverts or links to any providers meaning that the content is objective. There are thousands of individuals and families that are looking to move to Mauritius each month and we have created reliable, useful and succinct content that will save a lot of time and money.