Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa

With foreigners from over 85 countries holding a Mauritius Premium Visa, this long-term visa is also referred to as the Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa. As of 27 September 2022, Mauritius has already approved more than 2000 applications for the Digital Nomad Visa with a significant number of foreigners applying for its renewal. This confirms the statistics of KAYAK’s Work From Wherever Index which ranked Mauritius as the fourth best place for remote working, globally. Click here to read about living in Mauritius as a digital nomad, including the cost of living and remote work-space options.

What is the Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa?

The Mauritius Digital Nomad Visa is a remote work visa valid for at least 6 months and up to a year. Throughout this period, holders of this visa can leave and come back to the country as much as they want to. You can then apply for its renewal for a further year.

The Digital Nomad Visa is unlike the other visas that Mauritius offers, namely: Tourist Visa, Business Visa and Medical Visa. Currently a tourist can stay in Mauritius for 3-6 months depending on where they are from and there are many limitations in what they can do here.

Premium Visa MauritiusWho is it for?

This Digital Nomad Visa is for travelers, digital nomads, retirees and other professionals who intend to stay in Mauritius for a period exceeding 180 days in a calendar year.

At the moment, citizens from 114 countries are eligible for the Digital Nomad Visa. However, the Economic Development Board advises foreign nationals from other countries to apply for a Tourist Visa first and then for this visa during their stay. Originally designed to attract remote workers, this visa is also available to:

  • Retirees
  • Investors and professionals who wish to come with their family and work remotely from Mauritius.

How do i get a Digital Nomad Visa?

The Digital Nomad Visa or Premium Visa requirements are:

  • Proof of long stay accommodation
  • Return flight tickets
  • Sufficient travel and health insurance
  • A minimum monthly income of $1500 (extra is required for child dependents)

When applying for the Digital Nomad Visa, you must also keep in mind the following:

  • Applicants must not enter the Mauritius Labour Market
  • The main place of business and/or source of income and profits should be outside of Mauritius
  • Have documentary evidence to support the application (purpose of visit, accommodation)

Digital Nomad Visa Cost

The Digital Nomad Visa or Premium Visa is a free of charge visa with no processing fees from the Mauritian authorities.

Taxation rules for the Digital Nomad Visa

Holders of the Digital Nomad Visa who bring foreign money in an account in Mauritius are not required to pay taxes for up to 6 months. However, after 183 days in the country, they are considered as a tax resident and the money remitted to Mauritius will be taxable. It is recommended that you seek independent tax advice.

Premium Visa ApplicationDigital Nomad Visa Processing Time

The Digital Nomad or Premium Visa application can take up to several weeks to get approved. The visa application process is online. However, submitting the right documents, finding accommodation and insurance can take time. Whether you want to come for a few months to test the waters or move here for 1 year as a digital nomad, TBI can assist with finding the plan that best suits your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mauritius offer digital nomad visa?

Mauritius offers a Digital Nomad Visa, also known as the Premium Travel Visa which is for digital nomads, retirees and travelers. The Digital Nomad Visa is valid for at least 6 months and up to 1 year.

Do digital nomads pay tax in Mauritius?

Digital nomads do not pay taxes in Mauritius for up to 6 months. However, after 183 days, they are considered as a tax resident and the money remitted to Mauritius will be taxable. It is recommended that you seek independent tax advice.

Can I work remotely from Mauritius?

Foreigners and digital nomads can work remotely from Mauritius on a Digital Nomad Visa, by meeting the minimum income requirement of USD 1,500. The visa allows you to stay in the country for 1 year, renewable thereafter.

How to stay in Mauritius for 6 months?

The Mauritius Premium Visa allows foreigners to stay in Mauritius for at least 6 months, up to a year. To qualify, you must show a minimum monthly income of USD 1,500.

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  • We will assemble the documents and make the application on your behalf.
  • If you need assistance with setting up companies whether as an investor or just creating a business here.
  • We can assist with relocation tasks such as helping with schools, accommodation, insurance, choosing locations.
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