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A Dream Retirement: Why and How to Retire in Mauritius

From stunning beaches to healthcare, this blog article explores the benefits of retiring in Mauritius, an island nation off the African coast. The article also highlights why you should retire in Mauritius and how you can retire in Mauritius. Here, at TBI, we work on making your move to Mauritius a hassle-free and enjoyable one. We have helped numerous foreigners move here, who are now having the best days of their life.

Benefits of retiring in Mauritius

Due to its reputation for luxury, safety, medical facilities, retirement facilities and quality of life, Mauritius has been attracting a lot of retirees over the years. Mauritius is an equally favourable destination for retirees as it is for professionals and travelers. To know about the cost of living in Mauritius, read here.

Retirement facilities in Mauritius

Mauritius offers various retirement-focused facilities for those who want to spend their retirement years on this island. Various Smart Cities and luxurious developments include, not just the usual restaurants, cafes and spas, but also medical facilities on-site and even assisted living. Mauritius is genuinely focused on making retirement one of the best phases of people’s lives.

Medical facilities

With 5 public hospitals and more than 30 private clinics across Mauritius, this island provides premium services and quality healthcare. You can easily avail to private health insurance facilities. Infrastructures are highly modernized with qualified doctors.

Retire in MauritiusActivities for the retired in Mauritius

With its tropical climate and good quality of life and standard of living, Mauritius is well-known for the various sports and leisure activities it offers. With activities such as scuba-diving, hiking, golf, beach trips, you will feel as if life has just begun for you!


How to retire in Mauritius?

Whether it’s just for a few weeks or few long months, Mauritius has several options for those looking to retire in Mauritius. Foreigners can apply for a Mauritius Retirement Visa, which is commonly known as the Retirement Permit or a Premium Visa. If you’re looking to retire in Mauritius from South Africa, the conditions and procedures are the same and are as follows. To know more about moving to Mauritius from South Africa, read here.


The Mauritius Retirement Visa or the Retirement Permit in Mauritius is valid for 10 years and has 2 main conditions:

  1. The Retired Non-Citizen must be 50 years old or above.
  2. The Retired Non-Citizen must transfer an initial USD 1,500 from their personal bank account abroad to their personal bank account in Mauritius at the time of issuance and ensure that there is an aggregate of USD 18,000 per year paid to his local account for the 10 years.

Becoming a Mauritius Permanent Resident by retiring in Mauritius

A major advantage of being a Retired Permit holder in Mauritius is that you can apply to become a Permanent Resident in Mauritius, provided that you have a Residence Permit and have transferred at least USD 54, 000 or its equivalent in freely convertible currency. It should be noted that this must be during the 3 years preceding the application. This would be an option if you want to extend your stay for another 20 years. Having a Permanent Residence Permit in Mauritius will allow you to stay in Mauritius for 20 years. However, you still have the option to renew your Retirement Permit for another 10 years on the island.

Mauritius Premium Visa

If you are looking to retire in Mauritius and aren’t sure whether it’s the right place for you, you can apply for a Mauritius Premium Visa. This longer term travel visa will allow you to move to Mauritius and stay in Mauritius for 1 year (renewable) and enable you to test the waters here. To qualify for the Premium Visa Mauritius, the following criteria should be met:

  1. The applicant must be from an eligible country. There are over a hundred listed on the EDB website.
  2. The applicant should produce proof of their long stay plans and sufficient travel and health insurance for the initial period of stay.
  3. The applicant should not enter the Mauritius Labour market nor should the main place of business and source of income and profits be in Mauritius.
  4. The applicant needs to show proof of funds when applying for the Visa.
What TBI Business Advisors can do for you:
  • We will have a Zoom/ Teams call or email exchange to understand your requirements.
  • We can assist with the finding and purchasing of property, and setting up of an entity to purchase through.
  • TBI will advise on the appropriate permit or visa for coming to Mauritius.
  • We will send a detailed proposal with clear costs, timeframes and explanations.
  • We will assemble the documents and make the application on your behalf.
  • If you need assistance with setting up companies whether as an investor or just creating a business here.
  • We can assist with relocation tasks such as helping with schools, accommodation, insurance, choosing locations.
  • The directors can act as Commissioner for Oaths.
  • We can assist with other business advice and can bring in law firms as and when required.


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