E-Guide Terms and Conditions

1 – Payment, Refunds and Exchanges

We do not offer any refunds or exchanges. If you do not receive the email containing the E-Guide, then please contact us at info@tbimauritius.com and we can send it again through an alternative method.

If you pay in MUR and are a resident of Mauritius then we will charge VAT.

2 – Issues

If there any issues in relation to the E-Guide including usability, accuracy, or any other point, please do not hesitate to contact us at info@tbimauritius.com and we will try to resolve the issue.

3 – Format Protection

3.1      The E-Guide cannot be shared or edited.

3.2      The E-Guide will contain a hologram or watermark containing the name and email address of the customer which will be visible to anyone reading your E-Guide.

4 – Delivery

4.1       You will receive a confirmation email immediately.

4.2      You will then receive an email from info@tbimauritius.com to the email address that was registered on the site when paying for the E-Guide.

4.3      Delivery will normally be attached to the email via Mail Drop and failing this it will be via WeTransfer.

4.4.    Delivery is normally within 24 hours, but we ask for 2 working days in case there are large volumes of orders.

4.5    If you have not received the Guide within 2 working days then please contact us on info@tbimauritius.com.

5 – Distribution

The contents of this Guide are for the customer who bought the guide, and his or her immediate family. It is not to be shared with any other third-party, including but not limited to, friends, colleagues, clients, or customers. It is not to be shared or uploaded online. We reserve the right to bring legal action against anyone who is involved in the sharing, distribution or copying of any part of this E-Guide with anyone outside immediate family.

6 – Changes in the rules, law, or inaccuracies

We have done what we can to ensure that the information provided is as accurate as possible. The date of the edition that you are buying will be made clear on the website in advance of buying it, and on the front of the E-Guide. We will periodically update the E-Guides, but unless you buy a package that expressly gives you multiple updates, then you will not receive any update or news of any changes in the law.

7 – Disclaimer

This E-Guide does not contain legal, tax or any other professional advice. We accept no responsibility or liability due to any information or representation, whether accurate or not, relied upon in the contents. It is an information guide to provide the reader with a useful general, but basic understanding of the different considerations when relocating to Mauritius. You must seek independent, local legal, tax or other professional advice before relying on the contents of this Guide.

8 – Communication

You will automatically be registered for TBI’s monthly newsletter which is a brief periodic update on any rule changes, recent incentives, or any other interesting developments relating to Mauritius. Your contact details will not be shared with other 3rd parties. You can opt-out at any stage from the monthly emails.

9 – DATA

If you have come via an affiliate site then your name may be tracked and shared with the other party through which you came to our site. We will not share your contact details or any other data received from this transaction with any other third-party except for payment purposes or where required by law.