How we work

From assisting with permits and visa application and company formation to buying real estate in Mauritius, TBI Business Advisors provides a wide range of services. As a team of immigration experts and relocation advisors, we specialise in relocation services. We also work with clients from around the globe – from Family Offices and Large Funds to Global Corporates and FinTech Startups. Many are on their way into emerging economies such as Africa, whilst others are set up in Africa and are looking to relocate away, mitigate risk, minimise exchange controls and be tax-efficient.

Through our own team and vast network, we are able to introduce clients to trusted providers where necessary. We can then continue to provide support through management of whatever setup, project or team you are creating here. Our approach is consultative and personalised, aimed at delivering effective and tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client. The process is as follows:

1 – Understanding the Client

When a client contacts TBI, the first step is to understand their specific needs and goals. We work closely with each client, taking the time to get to know their needs, their future plans and the challenges they face. An initial introduction is done via email, after which we arrange for a video call on Zoom or WhatsApp. This ensures that we are able to understand what the client needs and answer all pressing questions, allowing us to provide efficient and effective solutions.

When setting up a business in Mauritius, there are different types of companies and many Business Licences, especially when it comes to the Financial Services Industry.

2 – Initial Quotation and Structure

There is a tendency in Mauritius to quote small to get a client interested. It is only later that the client realises that they need something else, or that there are many charges that were not anticipated or explained. We, at TBI, always endeavor to provide a full and thorough quote, so that the client can see the full picture of the costs involved and what is needed – whether it is for the formation of a Mauritian company, getting a FinTech or a regular financial licence, for relocation or buying Mauritian real estate. Transparency is key, as many of our clients come from referrals, and our reputation and content clients are integral in this.

3 – Legal and Regulatory aspects

For any business solutions in Mauritius, we always suggest seeking legal advice, especially where there are multiple jurisdictions and tax liabilities involved. We are able to arrange local lawyers to provide opinions for Mauritian purposes, but the client should also seek advice in their home jurisdiction.

4 – Moving forward

By the time the client is looking to move forward with setting up their business in Mauritius, or getting a residence permit to move here, they are aware of the costs of the different options and the timeframes to achieve them. The client should also have already sought independent advice, if necessary. Setting up companies can take a few days but certain licences can take several months. The client will work with TBI and its network of service providers it introduces, to deal with the Regulatory authorities such as the Financial Services Commission, Economic Development Board and the Bank of Mauritius.

If there is anything you would like to find out more about – from setting up a company in Mauritius to moving to Mauritius with your family, contact us to find out how we can help you achieve your goals.