Relocation Services

The economy of Mauritius has seen significant progress over the last decade making it a preferable location not only for doing business, but also for relocation. Whether looking to retire here, or simply invest in a property and spend the winters in the sun, Mauritius offers some rare and exciting opportunities. Equally, if you are looking to relocate your business to Mauritius, we at TBI can help ensure a seamless and smooth process throughout to make the transition as stress-free and painless as possible.

There can be several reasons for moving to this African Island such as for a business setup, job opportunities, retirement or for tax mitigation to name a few. The Republic of Mauritius offers a perfect combination of luxurious resorts, business opportunities and a stable economy making it an exciting destination for immigration.  People from across the globe are relocating to Mauritius every single day, and we provide them with all the help they need during the process.

We offer the following consultancy, immigration and relocation services to our clients to make the relocation procedure straightforward, and our team of experts will guide you through every step making it easier for you to adjust to the new surroundings.

Services include:

  • Legal Assistance
  • Notarisation and Certification
  • Orientation Services
  • Granting Power of attorney
  • Application and Processing of visa
  • Applications for occupation, business or work permits
  • Support before, during and after relocation
  • Help in searching for a villa, apartment, family home or office locality
  • Management of logistics
  • Providing networking opportunities
  • Company formation
  • Real estate services
  • Outsourcing services

Benefits of immigration to Mauritius
Mauritius is a premium business destination attracting investors, entrepreneurs and professionals from all around the world. Most Mauritians are multi-lingual, with French and English spoken to a high level. The benefits of moving permanently to Mauritius include the following:

  • One can live next to the beach, have sun all year long, whilst having sturdy financial and banking institutions, low tax, low costs, no exchange controls, state-of-the-art offices and facilities, whilst being just 6 hours from Singapore, India, Dubai and Africa.
  • Investing in the correct property here can give you residence for life for you and your spouse and even your children until they grow up.
  • Mauritius is a financial hub and is a party to many regional treaties, and it has established close trade links with the UK, India, the United States, China the Middle East and most African countries.
  • The pro-business policies set down by their government also offers people willing to relocate the opportunities and scope they need to explore different opportunities.
  • One can retire here, and still have different business interests around the world.
  • The taxation policies are highly favourable for foreign investors and professionals offering them a competitive workplace.
  • In case you want to register your new business, you will go through a procedure which is can be very simple and quick.
  • The financial sector of this country is well-established and well-structured making it a suitable market for investment. The banks here are also well-aligned with modern banking systems.
  • A primary focus during the economic growth of Mauritius was attracting foreign capital which has led to the formulation of investor-friendly rules and regulations making it a hub for a variety of business activities.
  • The moderate climatic conditions and exotic locations also make it a preferable choice for relocation and immigration.
  • Mauritius provides business start-ups with a perfect environment for setting up and succeeding further.

Why work with TBI Mauritius?
Our skilled team of consultants and professionals will help you compile all the necessary documentation for the application of all the necessary permits, both residential and an occupation permit if you are looking to work here. TBI can assist also with finding the right location for you based on whether you like the energy of the North or the tranquillity of the West, help you settle in and meet people,  and be a part of the happy foreign and local communities when you relocate to Mauritius.

Please get in touch to find out more.