We are able to represent your interests in Mauritius, through our own team and our greater network created from several years of living and working in Mauritius. We make meaningful introductions to reliable entities and links enabling your business to thrive. We can then continue to provide support through management of whatever setup, project or team you are creating here. The services below are simply indicative of the main types of service we have provided, but we are there to help in any way on any bespoke venture you are looking to create.


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Business Advisors In Mauritius

Business advisors in Mauritius

Mauritius is emerging as a country of significant opportunities for individuals and businesses due to its robust and growing economy, political stability and pro-business legislation. Businesses and professionals from across the globe are relocating to Mauritius to set up their businesses here and to make the procedure as smooth and seamless our business advisors in … Continue reading Business advisors in Mauritius

Commissioner for Oaths in Mauritius

Commissioner for Oaths in Mauritius

Mauritius is a well-established country with a fast-growing economy and investor-friendly legislation. The pool of opportunities available for various businesses in Mauritius is significant and the stable and diverse economy makes this state highly popular for business professionals. Setting up your new business involves a comprehensive procedure and you will need to get all the … Continue reading Commissioner for Oaths in Mauritius

TBI - fin-tech-Mauritius-service

Fintech in Mauritius

For the past few years Mauritius has been implementing a plan to become a hub for African Fintech. Much of this is provided by the stable regulatory and financial environment that has been forged over the last couple of decades. This includes the bilateral treaties for tax, reciprocity and protection of investments, as well as … Continue reading Fintech in Mauritius

Company Formation in Mauritius

Company formation in Mauritius

The African island is emerging as one of the most progressive economies in the region. And the stable economy and business-friendly legislation have resulted in attracting businesses from all over the globe to set up in Mauritius. TBI Mauritius can assist you in company formation in Mauritius and guide you all along the way from … Continue reading Company formation in Mauritius

Legal Assistance in Mauritius

Legal Assistance

Mauritius offers excellent opportunities for investment and trade, has a thriving legal system and successive governments have provided much support for business with significant tax incentives.  However, just like any new market, it can be difficult for those who are unfamiliar with what can be a complex legal system and can involve significant costs and … Continue reading Legal Assistance

Outsourcing in Mauritius

Outsourcing in Mauritius

Whether you already have an established business in Mauritius, are looking to set up a new company in the territory or are an international organisation and want to outsource your operations with confidence, TBI can help. There are numerous BPO organisations in Mauritius and with our assistance, we can create you a custom team, or … Continue reading Outsourcing in Mauritius

Real Estate Consultant in Mauritius

Real Estate

As the directors of TBI have been resident in Mauritius for many years, we have built up an extensive network, both on the island, and beyond. We have always had a robust team of global lawyers, investors and intermediaries, so that we have access to off-market opportunities to invest in, as wall as investors looking … Continue reading Real Estate

Relocation To Mauritius

Relocation Services

The economy of Mauritius has seen significant progress over the last decade making it a preferable location not only for doing business, but also for relocation. Whether looking to retire here, or simply invest in a property and spend the winters in the sun, Mauritius offers some rare and exciting opportunities. Equally, if you are … Continue reading Relocation Services

Legal & Domestic Services

Other Services

This again, is a non-exhaustive list. TBI can provide market research, organise certification and notarisation, administer oaths (both Founders can act as Commissioner for Oaths), get letters, videos and prospectuses translated between French, Creole English. We can also arrange offices to use, and other peripheral services such as printing, photocopying and scanning, teleconference dial in facilities. … Continue reading Other Services