Outsourcing in Mauritius

Whether you already have an established business in Mauritius, are looking to set up a new company in the territory or are an international organisation and want to outsource your operations with confidence, TBI can help. There are numerous BPO organisations in Mauritius and with our assistance, we can create you a custom team, or we can utilise one of the many pre-existing specialists on the island that have a reputation that can match your company’s expectation.

The Mauritian workforce is highly-educated, multilingual and very competitive when it comes to wages, which ensures high quality and cost-effective outsourcing solutions.  Our network can provide many outsourcing services including:

Advantages of outsourcing in Mauritius

There is enough innovation in Mauritius that adapting to a new model or market is very doable. Equally, tacking large scale standard customer services and data input structures is also available instantly.

Outsourcing in Mauritius significantly reduces set up costs, minimises administration, gives more flexibility, speeds up the process of establishing an operation and allows for fast scalability.

  • Mauritius has numerous BPO providers from specialist niche operators to large global companies with staff in multiple jurisdictions.

  • Wages in Mauritius are very low for the level of education and expertise that you can find here. Coupled with the convenient time-difference with most major jurisdictions including Europe, Asia and Africa, there is a lot to offer in Mauritius.

  • There is an abundance of fully qualified accountants in Mauritius, able to do payroll and accounts for most jurisdictions around the world at a significant cost-reduction, whether being used directly by the end client, or doing much of the work for large accountancy firms elsewhere.

  • Accountability is a significant benefit of outsourcing to a third-party specialist like TBI Mauritius.  We’ll get a clear brief of your exact requirements, work closely with you, provide regular feedback and ensure the quality of work of our team.

Why Outsource with TBI Mauritius?

TBI Mauritius will provide you with a reliable, flexible and efficient solution to establishing or growing your business through the various BPO and outsourcing providers in Mauritius. We can help to manage your interests here, in any way required before during and after the setup.   Our team will ensure that you have the right people and resources for your business, who will get the job done efficiently and effectively.

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