E-Guide: Relocating to Mauritius

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Welcome! I’m Philip Tsalikis, a British lawyer residing in Mauritius, and the owner of TBI Mauritius, a relocation and consultancy firm in Mauritius. TBI Mauritius assists with business, investment, and relocation services in Mauritius, covering Visas and Immigration, Relocation to Mauritius, Real Estate Investment, and Company Formation. With years of personal experience and a decade of assisting individuals in relocating their businesses and families to Mauritius, I have compiled my knowledge into this E-Guide.

This 95-page Relocation E-Guide is designed for anyone considering a move to Mauritius. It covers essential topics, such as:
• Residence Permits, Occupation Permits, and other visas, with detailed information on their conditions and procedures
• Company Formation and Business Setup
• Real Estate acquisition
• Smaller considerations such as schools, pets, insurance, cars, licenses, phones, utilities, and more.

Our content remains objective, free from any advertisements or links to service providers. Expats typically spend substantial amounts on relocation, particularly those investing in property or establishing companies. In comparison, our E-Guide offers a compact and actionable resource at a fraction of the cost, laying the foundations for your move.

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