E-Guide: Relocating to Mauritius

Relocation Made Easy

Hello and welcome! My name is Philip Tsalikis, and I am a British lawyer living in Mauritius and the author of this E-Guide. I relocated to Mauritius several years ago and have never looked back. I have been through the excitement of moving to a new country several times in my life. Having helped many people relocate their business and their family to Mauritius over the last 10 years, I believe that with the right guidance and preparation, moving can be stress-free.  We have created reliable, useful, and succinct content that will save you a lot of time and money.

This is a comprehensive 95-page E-Guide created for anyone considering relocating to Mauritius. We have included vital immigration topics such as Residence Permits, Occupation Permits and other visas in considerable detail providing conditions, procedures and many useful hints from our experience of getting these for ourselves and our clients. We then set out company formation, business setup and registration and then the purchasing of real estate as a way of investing and getting permanent residency in Mauritius. Lastly we discuss the numerous smaller topics that need to be considered including schools, pets, insurance, cars, licences, phones and utilities to name but a few.

There are no adverts or links to any providers meaning that the content is objective. The average expat spends thousands of dollars relocating, with considerably more than that being spent by those buying property or setting up companies. For a fraction of this cost, we provide the foundations for your move in a compact and usable format.

Whether you are looking to bring your family, spend a year remote-working, relocate your business or retire here, we hope that that this E-Guide is the start of your journey to Mauritius and that you can also live the dream in the wonderful paradise we call home.

Philip Tsalikis



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