Invest in Mauritius from USD 375,000 for permanent residence

Invest in Mauritius from USD 375,000 for permanent residence

There are many ways to invest in Mauritius. It is an open economy for foreign investment. Due to the success of the offshore sector in Mauritius, there are very large sums of money flowing through Mauritius to Africa and beyond and some of it ends up invested directly in Mauritius.

Why invest in Mauritius?

Investing in Mauritius can give permanent residence and even citizenship. There is no capital gains tax, no tax on dividends and no tax on an estate upon death. The economy and government are stable in Mauritius. There is a proper system of land registration and as it is a small island, there are some very interesting investment opportunities. It sits strategically between Africa and Asia. The population is educated and it is a very safe country.

How can I invest in Mauritius?

There are very few restrictions for investing in Mauritius. One can buy a property, invest in the stock market, set up a company and bank account without coming to Mauritius. A foreigner can wholly own a Mauritian company and Mauritius is welcoming to foreign investment as long as compliance checks are completed. Someone can buy a property and set up a company without coming to Mauritius.

Invest in real estate in Mauritius

Real estate in Mauritius is thriving! There is huge demand for both rentals and investing in real estate. There are many schemes that foreigners can buy into, some of which have permanent residence if you spend over USD 375,000. Permanent residence is included with the Property Development Scheme (PDS), the old IRS and RES schemes and now the benefit is afforded to an apartment that is at least Ground plus 2 levels as long as the cost of the residence is at least USD 375,000.

Where to invest in Mauritius real estate?

We are often asked where to invest in Mauritius for real estate. The most popular region to invest in Mauritius real estate is the North around Grand Baie. This contains a large proportion of the expats on the island. Grand Baie has many developments and the North in general has a large coastline, with developments scattered everywhere, but never too far from the action. The West of Mauritius is also popular with expats and it has a thriving expat community. The South and East of the island have some more expensive options and tend to be popular with those who are holidaying or retiring in Mauritius.

Can you buy land in Mauritius as a foreigner?

There is land for sale in Mauritius for non-Mauritians. It is only however in very specific circumstances can a foreign buy land by itself in Mauritius. Foreigners have been able to buy land in Smart Cities to build their own villas for a couple of years through a special provision that is not due to last much longer. The person must already have a permit but this is not difficult to organise in advance. Foreigners can also buy serviced land in Mauritius in certain estates in much the same way.

What is the PDS scheme for foreign investment

How much money do you need to invest in Mauritius real estate?

You can invest in a Mauritian apartment from as little as MUR 6 million which is around USD 150,000. You can buy multiple residences but you only get permanent residence if you spend USD 375,000 on any single property.

How to get a permanent residence permit in Mauritius?

One can get a permanent residence permit as an investor in two main ways. With real estate one can spend above USD 375,000 in the correct schemes such as the Property Development Scheme, the Integrated Resort Scheme or the Ground + 2 Scheme. These give permanent residence whilst owning the property. One can alternatively get a Permanent Residence Permit (PRP) for 20 years by investing at least USD 375,000 in any of the following qualifying activities: Agro-based industry, Audio-visual, Cinema and Communication, Banking, Construction, Education, Environment-friendly and green energy products, Financial Services, Fisheries and Marine Resources, Freeport, Information Technology, Infrastructure, Insurance, Leisure, Manufacturing, Marina development, Tourism and Warehousing and Initial Public Offerings.

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  • We can assist with relocation tasks such as helping with schools, accommodation, insurance and choosing locations to live in Mauritius.
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