Analysis of the Mauritian Budget

Mauritius Budget 2021 changes for expats relocating to, and investing in Mauritius

There were a number of measures announced in the latest budget on 11 June 2021 which have now made their way into law. There were a significant number of measures proposed. The EDB has a useful summary at this link, which is their newsletter on the budget. We have listed below a few of the changes most relevant to our clients and those looking to relocate to Mauritius.

Child Dependents of Permit Holders

The maximum age for a dependent child of a permit holder, currently 24, will be removed.

Permanent Resident Permits

In last year’s budget, Permanent Residence Permits were amended from 10 to 20 years. Those on existing 10-year PRPs will now automatically have their PRPs amended to 20 years and can switch between categories.

Professional Occupation Permits

Professional Permits have been amended from 3 years to 10 years. Currently both Investor Permits and Self-Employed permits give a 10-year permit, whereas a Professional permit gives 3 years. The main further change is that professional permit holders will be able to change jobs without a brand-new application.

Investing in Ground plus 2 Apartments in Mauritius

Those buying in any G+2 Development, i.e., an apartment, spending over USD 375,000 will automatically be entitled to a residence permit, for them and their dependents and they will not need a separate permit for work purposes, they will be automatically entitled.

What visa to use for an Occupation Permit

The current requirement for occupation permit applicants to arrive in Mauritius on a business visa to be issued with an occupation permit, is to be waived, i.e. anyone on a tourist visa will not have to leave the country to apply for an occupation permit.

Family Occupation Permit

There will be a new category of Occupation Permit called a 10-year Family Occupation Permit. This will be for anyone contributing USD 250,000 into the COVID-19 Projects Development Fund. More details will follow.

Self Employed Occupation Permits for Non-citizens

Non-citizens holding an Occupation Permit as self-employed will be allowed to incorporate a one-man company and employ administrative staff.

Premium Investor Certificate and Premium Investor Certificate

There will be some new EDB schemes to allow special incentives to be given to certain companies. An example includes a Premium Investor Certificate for those investing more than MUR 500 million in innovative activities allowing a technical committee from the Government to negotiate incentives. There will also be a general Investment Certificate for emerging sectors which will allow all sorts of benefits including an 8-year tax holiday, VAT exemptions etc.

Concierge services in Mauritius

There will be a Business Support Facility for the EDB which will help to advise and facilitate business in Mauritius. There will be a concierge facility to help with the large numbers looking to relocate to Mauritius, particularly retirees.

Young Professional Occupation Permit

International students enrolled in a recognised educational institution in Mauritius can potentially benefit from a 3-Year renewable Young Professional Occupation Permit upon graduation.

Fintech in Mauritius

The Government is very focused on Fintech and innovation and the measures announced include a digital Rupee and a centralised digital system for FSC licences. Using blockchain and digital currencies is certainly the future for business, so it is encouraging to see that the Government is continually trying to innovate with virtual asset legislation.

Business and Finance

There are numerous fiscal measures that offer advantages for different types of licences if you are registering a business in Mauritius. The tax holiday has increased from 5 years to 10 years for Family Offices, Asset Managers and Fund Managers, for example, and there are many other new incentives offered.

The Invest Hotel Scheme

The Invest Hotel scheme (IHS) has been bolstered with more benefits to help the hotel industry. The hotels can now sell up to 80% of their hotel units. The Investor can stay up to 6 months per year, and the minimum price for investing in a standalone villa giving the residence permit is now USD 375,000, to harmonise it with the PDS and Smart Cities.

Renewable Energy

There are lots of incentives for renewable energy on multiple fronts. We won’t go into any detail here but if this is something that is of interest then we suggest that you read up more on the link above.


There are countless provisions covering all sorts of areas from agriculture and the freeport to financial services and the Blue Economy. Overall it is a positive series of improvements to encourage foreigners to move to Mauritius and also invest in Mauritius.

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