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As the directors of TBI have been resident in Mauritius for many years, we have built up an extensive network, both on the island, and beyond. We have always had a robust team of global lawyers, investors and intermediaries, so that we have access to off-market opportunities to invest in, as wall as investors looking for projects around the globe.

In Mauritius
Mauritius is most well known for being a luxury tourist destination, but the property sector has also enjoyed unprecedented growth in recent years. Real estate in Mauritius has seen sustained growth with a broad range of properties available to buy from 150,000 to several million euros.

This growth has been assisted by successive governments support for foreign property buyers and overseas investment offering significant tax incentives. Government assistance coupled with Mauritius’ geographic location and its political and economic stability makes it an ideal place to conduct business with territories in Africa, the Middle East and Asia.

Investors face no restriction on the repatriation of funds or revenue raised from the sale or renting of the property. Mauritius has no capital gains tax, dividends or inheritance tax and a universal tax rate of 15%. There is a lot of property for sale in Mauritius from apartments to villas, touching the beach to hugging the mountain, there are a lot of real estate option.

Recent changes in legislation have allowed foreigners to have more flexibility into purchasing Mauritian Real Estate and so apartments can be purchased at from MUR 6 million as well as the more luxurious villas in the PDS schemes.

Invest in Mauritius
There are regulations dictating the purchase of property by foreign investors and ‘non-citizens’. Overseas investors can only invest in Mauritius in certain schemes and need authorisation from the Economic Development Board (EDB). We at TBI can guide you through this process and provide any legal assistance you require to facilitate the purchase of the property.  And as part of the process, we can also assist with the application for a Mauritian residence permit which is granted automatically for property purchases of over USD375,000 within certain developments. With recent changes in legislation, this residency permit also give the investor the ability to work in Mauritius.

One can also invest in Mauritius with many non-residential schemes, from hotels to Smart Cities. Mauritius has a full-spectrum of investment opportunities and some of the commercial real estate such as offices can provide the most exciting returns.

Real Estate Agents Mauritius
We work with all of the most prestigious and reliable real estate agents, providing a trusted partner throughout the process, managing and overseeing where necessary whatever investment you are making, whether commercial or residential property when you are here or elsewhere. We can assist with land acquisition and development, long and short-term leasing, landlord and tenant advice, regulatory matters and procedures, licensing and funding. We can also assist with purchasing the property through a company or trustrelocation services and any other requirements you have whilst making an investment. There are a significant quantity of real estate agents, with a large gulf in quality between the most and least reliable. TBI can guide you through the who you can trust, which developers will not let you down There are also different locations to consider from Tamarin and the West, to Grand Baie and the North. Everyone has their favourite location.

Other Investment Opportunities
 We have a significant number of real estate opportunities in Mauritius, Seychelles, all over mainland Africa as well as in Europe. Many of these are for hotels, mainly 5*, land for development, castles, Smart Cities amongst many others. Geographically this currently includes amongst others, Mauritius, the Seychelles, Ghana, Mozambique, France and England.

We have a large focus on Inpact Investment and sustainability. Particularly in Africa, where there are high rewards and risks, alongside using Mauritius, choosing funds that invest in the companies that support the community, respect the workers, minimize impact to the environment and bring benefits to those that live and work nearby, will naturally bring more stability to the investment.

Further, we are part of a number of global networks including Doing Business International an ISFIN. We will often link together investors and opportunities alongside other intermediaries.

We will put investment opportunities on our blog from time-to-time that we have but feel free to get in contact to see what the latest options are.

Please get in touch to find out more.

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