Mauritius Residency

With the political situation, high taxes, and harsh weather in the UK, many foreigners have been relocating away, finding relief from many of those stresses in Mauritius. Some foreigners prefer a backup or temporary residence and moving here is particularly useful as there are no rules for the amount of time you need to spend while being on a residence permit. A lot of high-net-worth individuals choose to invest in Mauritius to diversify their portfolio due to its attractive real estate market, tax incentives, global banking opportunities, favourable regulatory environment and political and economic stability.

Run by British lawyers, TBI Business Advisors is a team of immigration experts and business consultants specialising in assisting clients globally. With over 10 years of helping clients in Mauritius and globally, we can represent your interests and connect you with well-established and trusted professionals. We work with clients ranging from families to Family Offices. Our broad network of local and international partners allows us to help in any way that best meets your specific requirements. Contact us.

If you are over 50 years and earn at least USD 1,500 per month, you can qualify for the 10-year retirement permit. You can work remotely from Mauritius and there is no minimum amount of time to spend here.

By investing at least USD 375,000 in a property in an approved scheme, you can get a residence permit. This residence permit remains valid for as long as you own the property, allowing you to live in Mauritius permanently.

By investing at least USD 50,000 in a new business or existing business in Mauritius, you can obtain a 10-year investor permit, with the possibility of applying for a 20-year residence permit after 3 years.

Invest at least USD 375,000 in a qualifying business activity in Mauritius and obtain a 20-year permanent resident permit. The activities include banking, construction, education, tourism, financial services and others.


TBI Business Advisors
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Peter MeyerPeter Meyer
05:27 14 Nov 23
Philip accompanied me with the applications for a residence permit as a pensioner here in Mauritius. He was always available and patiently answered all questions. Now, thanks to TBI, I am a pensioner in Mauritius with an initial 10-year right of residence.
Jeff UrferJeff Urfer
11:04 24 Jul 23
Great service. I would highly recommend TBI for anyone applying for visas/work permits in Mauritius. Phillip was able to make the process smooth and simple!
Fantastic, no issue personalised move to Mauritius. I can honestly recommend Philip and his team.
Fiona le maitre georgeFiona le maitre george
09:31 15 Jun 23
We contacted Philip of TBI Mauritius, regarding a property purchase in Grand Baie . Philip was able to see us extremely quickly, he understood our needs , asked all the pertinent questions to make sure that we were not rushing into something that we might regret . He was able to furnish us with some very important information and also put us in touch with an amazingly talented Lawyer. Marc and I would absolutely have no reservations in recommending Philip and his company to anyone who wishes to relocate to Mauritius. He is extremely professional,knowledgeable and personable. We feel confident in our choice now with Philip’s wisdom .Thank you TBI .
Dave DawesDave Dawes
18:02 10 May 23
I recently retired and was looking for a nice place to settle down. Mauritius is a beautiful semi tropical island in the middle of the Indian Ocean. I found life was very peaceful and comfortable and it actually costs less living on this tropical paradise than in the United States. The process for applying for a Retirement Permit was a bit challenging, so I turned to TBI to help me through the entire process. It was a great decision. They made the whole process simple and easy, and often went above and beyond to help me get settled in comfortably. Their expertise and easy to approach manner made everything smooth. Whenever I needed some help in any point of my application process or if I had any question, they would respond quickly to my call, text or email. Mauritius is a great place to live, but getting set up with a Retirement Permit can look a bit chanllenging. Working with TBI is in my opinion a great way to get through the initial government immigration requirements. I recommend their services for anyone wanting to come live in Mauritius.
79 Titans79 Titans
16:20 04 May 23
I wanted to relocate to Mauritius but had no idea how to even start the process, I reached out to Philip from TBI Advisers.He gave me an overview of what was required and even pointed out avenues that I never even thought was possible.He was always available to answer my questions and with great detail, he made the process effortless and stress free.I can highly recommend his services, if you are looking for guidance and someone who can think outside the box TBI should be your first stop, I will absolutely be using him again in the future.
Hans TuinmanHans Tuinman
04:14 14 Jun 22
My wife and I recently visited Mauritius with the aim of looking at a PDS property investment. Before starting our trip, we wanted to do the necessary research so we got in touch with Philip of TBI Business Advisors. Philip gave us a lot of useful information in a Zoom conversation and he also mailed us TBI Mauritius' e-guide for relocating to Mauritius which was extremely useful. Moreover, Philip set up appointments for us for visiting a number of shortlisted properties so we could make maximum use of our limited time in Mauritius. He further guided us during our stay and we always found his advice very honest and reliable. We therefore highly recommend TBI Business Advisors to anyone wishing to relocate to Mauritius.

What We Can Do For you

  • Investment Guidance

    We can advise on profitable investments and guide investors on how to diversify their portfolio for optimal returns. Based on your preferences and goals, we can advise on the best ownership structure for properties, whether as an individual, company or trust.

  • Relocation Assistance

    Our team assists with applying for the correct permits and visas, dealing with authorities and government officials, and handling document verification and submission of permit applications.

  • Company Setup

    We assist in the setting up of companies, whether an AC, GBC or domestic company. There are numerous providers and we assist with objectively finding the best ways for you to operate your business in or through Mauritius.

  • Other Services

    We assist in setting up bank accounts and can bring in partners such as real estate agents, accountants, and lawyers when needed.

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