Affiliate Terms and Conditions

These terms are agreed between you, the Affiliate, and TBI Business Advisors, the Provider.

The General Terms are as follows:

  • The Affiliate will receive a percentage commission as agreed in unequivocal terms via email communication between the Affiliate and the Provider.
  • The Affiliate, once registered, will have the capacity to create links for their sites and emails, that in turn, track the users, so if they purchase on the TBI website, the Affiliate will receive notification of Visits and sales commission.
  • Once a User clicks on the TBI website from the Affiliate’s link, any transaction undertaken by the User within a 90 day period, will generate commission for the Affiliate.
  • If the User uses an Affiliate A link but later clicks on another Affiliate link belonging to Affiliate B before a sale, then the sale will belong to Affiliate B.
  • If the User is refunded, then the commission is not payable.
  • The Affiliate will be paid for each Calendar month, within 7 days of the start of the next month, as long as the Provider has been invoiced.
  • The Affiliate must invoice for each previous month within 3 days of the start of a month  .
  • If the commission generated is less than USD 100, then the amount will rollover to the next calendar month.
  • The payment made by the Provider will initially be via bank transfer but will be made via Paypal in the future.
  • It is the responsibility for the Affiliate to provide accurate bank account details on the invoice, and to have a Paypal account within 1 month of registration else they will bear the bank charges of the Provider in due course when Paypal payments are commenced..