Commissioner for Oaths in Mauritius

Philip Tsalikis

Philip is a practising English barrister and entrepreneur. He has lived in Mauritius on and off for the last 6 years and he heads up the office on the island. He has had a career in operations management and then practiced as a barrister in the UK before coming to run a boutique law firm in Mauritius. Philip has worked at two law firms here and has the pragmatic experience of dealing with clients and the problems that they encounter here. Although TBI is not able to provide any legal advice, Philip can manage the difficulties that can be faced here with confidence.

What others say

“His finger is on the pulse of Mauritius and we would not think twice about recommending Philip when dealing with any matter in Mauritius”

“We trust TBI and we trust Philip. It is as simple as that.”

Philip’s best advice for Mauritius

‘Be patient, stay out of anything political, show respect for your hosts, and enjoy everything the wonderful island has to offer.’