Case Studies

Case Study 1

You are looking to set up a company in Mauritius with a Global Business Licence. Perhaps this is to utilise the Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs) and IPPAs or just as part of an international structure to be tax efficient.

We would meet and discuss your needs in our Mauritian office or via skype/ phone. We would provide a bespoke quote detailing how and at what cost we can assist you.

We can introduce you to a number of trustworthy lawyers and Management companies who can meet your quality requirements and provide quotes. We can negotiate fees on your behalf, and manage performance. Having a presence in Mauritius allows an element of pressure to get things done.

We can provide a local office in Mauritius when you are coming over on business with all the facilities that you need. We can get brochures translated, documents notarised and certified, send documents across the world or provide an address to receive them. We can even find you an office for your business, staff to work there and introduce you to high-calibre, resident directors that you can trust to provide independent supervision of your business and importantly to create substance here.

Our sister company in the group, can organise your accommodation and transport, handle your marketing and communication, design your business cards, provide you with website SEO, sort your dry-cleaning and anything else that provides comfort to your experience in Mauritius.

Case Study 2

You are looking to set up or purchase an outsourcing business in Mauritius. You have seen that the Mauritian workforce is highly-educated, multilingual and very competitive when it come to wages. You have seen an opportunity and are looking to investigate more.

We can discuss what your short-term and long-term goals are. We can devise a plan and a timeframe, and then make introductions to auditing firms to assess the viability of an existing business or to lawyers and accountants to get a new business started. We can link you with recruitment companies to find staff. We can oversee any aspect of the setup, manage your team or even provide the operations management ourselves.

If you were then sending someone from abroad to run the office, we can introduce you to immigration specialists to sort the work visa and residency permit. Our sister company can then organise conveniently located hotels and apartments. They can further design websites, logos, organise social media campaigns, and handle all aspects of communication and PR.

Case Study 3

You are living abroad but with property in Mauritius, either from inheritance or ancestry or perhaps another reason. You want to either pass down the property from parent to child, rent out the property or you are looking to sell the property. Perhaps you are not sure exactly where the property is, if there are squatters, or how to go about your task.

We work with many experienced lawyers who can manage the legal aspects of the property in Mauritius. We can then manage the rest, visit the site, take photos, be at auctions, speak to estate agents, have power of attorney to prevent you having to take too much time away from work and your home life.

Case Study 4

You are looking to purchase property in Mauritius. Perhaps there is turbulence in your home country and you are looking for a stable base, proximate to mainland Africa, where you can safely base you and your family. Alternatively, you would like to retire in Mauritius and/or are looking to become tax resident by buying into a suitable scheme.

There are certain schemes that allow foreigners to purchase properties in Mauritius. Please see as a good source of these under ‘Acquisition of a residential unit’. There are many reputable companies who construct, sell and manage the PDS developments for example, whereby almost every aspect is looked after for you. There have however been many examples where foreigners have come unstuck, with certain agents, promoters, architects and syndics proving to be unreliable.

We would aim to guide you as to the best options for the location of properties, reputations of parties, provide a presence in Mauritius when companies will sometimes ignore distant emails. We can introduce you to property agents that we like and trust, and can do preliminary work with them so that when you arrive, you can see the most suitable properties with the limited time that you may have.

If things go wrong, we can mediate, or negotiate on your behalf. We can visit the site, take photos and update you when it may be hard to find information out. We can ask for legal opinions on contracts or disputes.

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