Founding partners

Christian and Philip met when studying law at Durham back in 2001. Since then, both have married Mauritians and have developed a deep love for the island. Both are qualified lawyers in England and Wales, and have amassed a network of links in Mauritius. They wanted to create an advisory company that could be the conduit for foreign business coming into Africa via Mauritius. They sensed there was a need for reliable companies to be on the ground here guiding those foreign to the jurisdiction along the right path, so as to avoid untrustworthy parties and being overcharged, and instead utilise all of the many positives that the Mauritian jurisdiction can bring to their business.


phil 01 - Founding partners Philip Tsalikis

Philip is a practising English barrister and entrepreneur. He has lived in Mauritius on and off for the last 6 years and he heads up the office on the island. He had a career in operations management, then as a barrister in the UK, before coming to run a boutique law firm in Mauritius. Philip has pragmatic experience of dealing with clients and the problems that they encounter here. Philip can manage the challenges that can be faced here with confidence. Philip is also a member of the Mauritius Institute of Directors.


christian 011 - Founding partners Christian Bjärnram

Christian splits his time between London and Mauritius. Being born in Sweden and having lived in the US for four years, he has now resided in London for 18 years. Christian is an English solicitor and entrepreneur predominantly advising foreign businesses doing business in the UK and/or under English law. He is also a member of the Institute of Directors and holds various non-executive directorships in the UK. Christian is able to assist clients in a number of ways on an international level.